Dear Parents and students – thank you for your interest in Prof. Arvind Chauhan’s Physics and Applied Calculus programs for engineering and medical aspirants. Registration  is now open for 2019 Physics online courses. Students will be able to log in and pursue XI and XII courses from the comfort and safety of their home, as well as interact with Prof. Arvind Chauhan for clearing their doubts or engaging in academic discussions. Each video lecture will be of 2 hours duration, on average. At the beginning of every week, 3 lectures will be uploaded on the course portal for XI, and 3 lectures for XII – increasing to 4 lectures per week in a few months (as the students pick up the pace). Students are expected to watch them during the week, and complete recommended reading & homework within that week, at their convenience. There will be tests at the end of every chapter, and sometimes one in between for longer chapters/topics. XI course will run for about 9-10 months, while XII course will run for about 8-9 months. But lectures, tests and other course material will remain accessible to students until the expiry of their chosen ‘study-package’.

The fee is payable in two or three installments (via Paypal, using credit card and/or some debit cards), depending on the package. However, students will be required to pay the fee’s first installment only after the trial period, which will run for about three weeks (or 10 lectures of XI & XII).

The four study-packages that we currently offer are:

(1) XI course lectures with access for 15 months = $ 400 US Dollars (payable in 2 installments)

(2) XII course lectures with access for 15 months = $ 400 US Dollars (payable in 2 installments)

(3) XI course lectures with access for 27 months = $ 600 US Dollars (payable in 3 installments)

(4) XI & XII course lectures with access for 15 months = $ 720 US Dollars (payable in 3 installments)

Note: If a student has subscribed to package # (3) in XI, and joins package # (2) in XII then he/she will get a discount of $ 100 when purchasing package # (2).

Doubt clearing: Every student is permitted to ask Sir a maximum of 5 doubts per week, throughout the duration of the access period.

Note: Sir’s classes are no longer hosted in brick and mortar classrooms. Courses are now available online, accessible from the comfort and safety of student’s home, as attending coaching classes after school till late evening/night is becoming increasing sketchy – especially for girl students.

We have switched to this fully online model considering the safety, convenience and valuable time savings for students. The hours wasted in commuting from home to school to coaching classes can be better utilized for self study!

About: Professor Arvind Chauhan, a most trusted name in Physics (for university/college preparation), is an all-time IIT-JEE Physics expert, who has given legendary all India ranks in IIT-JEE from Chandigarh and North-West India (All India Ranks: 1, 2, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10, 11, 13, …!). His top result so far was in JEE (Advanced) 2006, when his students got All India Ranks 1, 4, 6 & 7, in general category, from THE SAME BATCH!

It may be noted that the level of competition for admission into the prestigious IITs stands at an all time high – about 11 to 14 lac students appear in JEE Mains, whereas the number of seats in general category (in main stream branches) in the good IITs is only about a few thousand. Clearly, this seemingly impossible target requires an unparalleled mastery of the subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Math). And sitting in the virtual-classroom sessions of an experienced and unparalleled teacher such as Chauhan Sir can make all the difference between attaining mastery of the subject through pure understanding, versus cramming things! Our virtual-classroom sessions or e-lectures (video lectures, tests, etc.) are one of the best in the country, attracting extraordinarily brilliant students who have the potential to be the trendsetters of future technology & innovation in science, engineering and medicine. Students can log in from the comfort and safety of their homes 24×7 and pursue their study at their own pace, without any distractions, under the supervision of their parents/elders. Each topic of Physics is taught by Sir, starting from school/board level level right up to the IIT/JEE/AIIMS/Olympiad level. The Calculus & Math required for Physics is also taught by Sir, at the beginning of class-11 Physics lectures.

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  1. Addhyan

    Respected sir due to circumstances and lack of focus I ve taken a three year drop my basics since 9 on pcm were ruined inspite of that I m able to do hcv . But irodov requires a time to complete and I hvnt touched chemistry except sm GOC etc due to this . My question is if I join good govt engineering college like hbti IET AMU etc can make my carrier in NASA or shud I leave science as a whole seeing my marks (61% pcm in 12 )


    sir i am taking a drop this year and want to take admission in your classes. sir please tell me criteria, if there is a admission test tell me the syllabus.

  3. neil

    Sir, its a doubt irodov 1.329
    Why are we not supposed to consider force that was applied to change the momentum of water

  4. Arvind Chauhan Post author

    Assuming you are still studying in school, you should focus on physics and maths for now. Your question will become answerable/relevant after several years; right now, focus on getting into a good engineering college.

  5. vasu goyal

    respected sir ,
    I want to join NASA in my future kindly help me and provide the required information to how to do so.???????????????

  6. Arvind Chauhan Post author

    You may need to see a few recorded lectures to brush up the pre-requisite portion required for understanding current topics, along with studying them from University Physics and HC Verma; but, most importantly, my lectures notes photocopied from someone will be most helpful. Talk to my office staff and mention that I asked you to do so, and they should inform Chauhan ma’am too about your situation, so she can instruct the staff to do the needful.

  7. ravi tanwar

    Respected Sir,
    i joined your physics classes recently and facing problems regarding coping up with syllabus and matter as i came to you a MONTH after commencement of +2 classes
    please advise me sir how to do it ?????????……..

  8. anshul kwatra

    Sir, I wanted to thank you that you had taught us so well in 11th grade. sir, i also wanted to tell that i have got highest marks in school physics exam. thank you sir …….

  9. Tanmay Sharma

    Respected Sir,
    I wanted to know about the details of the test about to be held on 23 December,2012. Whether any registration for that test is required for that test or if it is an open test….and also the fees you will be charging for the test as well as the two year classroom course you will be taking for JEE 2015…
    Thank you,

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