Arvind Chauhan (B. Tech., IIT-Kanpur, India; MBA, Canada; MSc, England) has been teaching Physics and Applied Calculus since 1993, at various levels – ranging from XI and XII to post-graduate level. All India JEE Advanced Ranks 1, 4, 6 & 7, including Rank-1 (Raghu Mahajan), from the same batch in Chandigarh, was the pinnacle of Chauhan Sir’s results!

Since the last many years, Prof. Chauhan has been teaching Physics passionately to future scientists, engineers and doctors via the new-age e-hybrid education platform, which can be accessed by students from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Here is what his former students have to say about him (click here for current students):

Raghu Mahajan, IIT-JEE 2006, All India Rank 1

“I studied Physics from Chauhan Sir from April 2004 to April 2006. It was an invigorating 2-years, first in Zirakpur and then at Mani Majra, Chandigarh. I still remember in my first year I used to pester sir with questions from topics which had not yet been covered and he always patiently answered, even if it meant an hour and a half extra after the class. The diagrams he drew with his “long scale with handle” are still an object of admiration. And whatever the result might have been, he was an inspiration as a person – with a guiding central philosophy – from which he never ever budged an inch. He has all the ingredients of a perfect freshman physics teacher, because he shows you the physics at work – beyond the mathematical artwork. And his detours to spiritualism, and aerodynamics and automobiles were always welcome in the middle of a dull topic. Teaching or learning physics is a different matter, being passionate about it is another. Einstein could never be Einstein, or Newton ‘Newton’, if they did not LOVE WHAT THEY DO. And that’s what Sir does, he does what he loves. And when love and skill combine, expect a masterpiece.”

Kashish Mittal, IIT-JEE 2006, All India Rank 4

“I studied from Sir during April 2004 to April 2006. I can remember my first three classes with Chauhan Sir. It was supposed to be a trial session for the admission test. I surely admit that I was unsure that Sir would continue to teach (in the regular class) in such an elaborate way – attractive diagrams – discussions – such a beautiful introduction to limits – taking huge amount of time to cover each and every aspect of a problem – taking elegant theory building problems …And when the regular classes started, my ‘unsurity’ became a truth (to my surprise) – the teaching became even more beautiful and interesting!! His ability to put himself in the shoes of the student is ‘what is the best in him’. Sir even taught us some things beyond the JEE which elevated our confidence. Thank you sir for all that you have given to me.”

Ankur Goel, IIT-JEE 2004, All India Rank 5

“After coming to know that I got fifth rank in IIT JEE, I felt elated. But my success would not have been possible without the proper coaching, guidance and inspiration from my tutors and moral support from my parents. I am especially thankful to Chauhan Sir, who is a master of his subject. Physics is the most difficult subject for IIT JEE, but the systematic approach by Chauhan Sir made it so easy for me. He has absolutely clear concepts. Sir would solve the difficult physics problems of the students on the spot itself, even if he didn’t have any pen or paper in hand! I am grateful to Sir and owe my success to him.”

Dhruv Mahajan, IIT-JEE 2000, All India Rank 10

“My academic experience with Sir was fabulous. The best thing about his teaching is that he makes Physics so enjoyable and interesting to learn. Students generally consider Physics as the most difficult subject, but with his methodical way of teaching, he makes it very simple. He concentrates on basics first and then solves the problems centering around them. He has clear and sound explanation for every doubt asked in the class. Regarding problem solving, instead of solving typical problems only, he teaches how to approach new variants of the problem too. He was able to solve all the problems that we asked him. Sir is a great counselor too. His fundas regarding meditation and Yoga were of great help to me during tense days before IIT‑JEE exam. I consider him instrumental in bringing me to IIT.”

Movin Jain, IIT-JEE 2005, All India Rank 11

“I studied from Sir for two years (2003 – 2005) and got AIR 11 in JEE 2005. Each class with Sir seems now to me like a gradual transformation from an ordinary student who did not even dream of getting into IIT, to an extremely confident and successful IITian. It is just redundant to describe here Sir’s teaching style, because there is no aspect in which he lacks, and anyone who has studied from him, will easily claim that no one can even dream to compete with him.

The most wonderful thing about Sir is the excellent combination of intelligence and hardworking nature in him. I will wonder all my life how Sir can manage to do so much more than any other teacher in those two years – the most elaborate study that I have ever done, and the most fruitful too. I would add here that the only loss I supposedly incurred due to studying from Chauhan Sir is that he raised my expectations from a teacher too high, and no one else can even come near to meeting those. I consider Chauhan Sir as a gift to me from God, who made me experience what ‘real knowledge’ is.”

Gagan Goyal, IIT-JEE 2000, All India Rank 34

“My academic experience with Sir totally changed my life. The most important thing I liked was the way he solves the problems ‑ the way he used basics and crystal clear concepts as a structure to reach the target. No cramming, just fundas. I adapted myself to such methodology and afterwards, I really felt the difference in the way I started to look at things. He teaches as a friend to friend and not as a professor to student, always making the students feel comfortable in his presence. He played a major role in my success.”

Nipun Kwatra, IIT-JEE 2000, All India Rank 56

“My academic experience with Chauhan Sir was extremely wonderful. He is a great teacher with extremely clear fundamentals and a wonderful teaching style. I don’t remember any question he was unable to solve and any doubt that he was unable to clear. And the great amazing thing was that he did the toughest of these on the spot and in a very less time. He is one of the very few teachers I have seen, who has the knowledge of all depths of the subject – every funda is damn clear. Not only that, he us a great counselor. He has been a great help for my planning of how to study, stress control during the examinations, increasing concentration, etc. His talks on Yoga and meditation really helped – which I try to practice even today. I think he has a great role to play for placing me where I am. Especially, I give him lot of credit for my getting selected to represent India in the 31st International Physics Olympiad and for bagging a bronze medal for the country.”

Ankit Singla, IIT-JEE 2004, All India Rank 61

“Physics was the only subject for which I took coaching and I am glad I did! I studied physics for two years from Chauhan Sir. Sir is one person I look forward to. He is an excellent teacher. Moreover, his supporting approach is appreciable. On all counts, he definitely is ‘numero uno’!”

Brahm Kiran Singh, IIT-JEE 2004, All India Rank 64

“Chauhan sir helped me greatly to clinch the fundas of Physics and improve my level drastically, even though I joined him late. Sir knows it all. His fundas are crystal clear and he interacts with his students in a very informal way. I have enjoyed my studies with him.”

Puneet Goyal, IIT-JEE 2001, All India Rank 152

“I learnt a lot in those two years of my interaction with Sir. That was really a golden interaction since apart from Physics, I also learnt some Truths of life. His way of teaching or explaining concepts is really ultimate. In Physics, there is a lot of theory and numerical examples. The way Sir managed both was excellent. He never tried to spoon feed us – rather he always urged us to think independently and deeply. After studying with him, my aim is not restricted to IIT studies only but also to think logically and clearly in life.

As far as his teaching style is concerned, there is no comparison at all with other coaching teachers. Even many IIT professors can’t compete with his style of teaching and explaining.”

Kulpreet Singh, IIT-Chennai

“I studied Physics from Chauhan Sir from 2001 to 2003. I think the way in which Sir showed us how to approach a specific situation was just so wonderful. I was never amongst the toppers in his class but that was always a starting point for me, at times I would find it difficult to grasp at one go, but later on I would realize why Sir was using this specific method and it was really fun. I started loving Physics and solving the questions became more of enjoyment than burden. One thing that I still find missing in some Professors at IIT here is that they try to force things upon you , rather than convincing you as to why the particular thing is occuring. But, never ever in my two years I saw this thing happen in Chauhan Sir’s class, even once. Howsoever basic or trivial a point might be, Sir would convince the person concerned and only then proceed. He would give genuine scientific fact to support his arguments rather than asking us to just accept things as they were. I think this is the biggest asset Sir has – that is “convincing the brightest of students”. I still remember those huge doubt sessions that we used to have after class, we would come up with alternate solutions and then we along with Sir would contemplate upon the possibilites. It really was a beautiful time of our lives! Sir is well known to take a detour into other topics (not related to Physics) which at times seemed useless to us. But now I feel it was really nice to have someone make us look at life in a nutshell. For example the first time I met him, he asked as to why was I crazy about IIT? He taught us to question ourselves which I feel was very much necessary to open our minds and start thinking ourselves. At the first attempt when I was not able to clear JEE, he gave me his support for taking a drop instead of taking Electronics in Thapar by saying, “If I feel I have it in me, I don’t need to bother about what others say and just believe in myself.” Ultimately it paid off and now I’m having the best of times doing what I had yearned for – Research. Thank you Sir. I can never forget you going out of the way to help me out.”

Amneet Bhalla, IIT-Kharagpur

“I studied from Chauhan Sir during 2003-2004. I was at PI Scholastics, Zirakpur in my class XII. Learning physics from him was a great honour. The concepts which he taught were just great, which not only helped me in getting into IIT but also in my IIT courses, especially the dynamics course, which is nightmare of mechanical engineering department, became so easy for me. I feel that he teaches from his heart, putting all the efforts, not like others who just make students to mug all kind of questions.”

Sohit Karol, USA

“I studied from Chauhan Sir in 2000-2001, completed my engineering and am currently doing my PhD in neurobiomechanics at University of Maryland, College Park. He has served an inspiration for me throughout these years – both for my academic and my spiritual pursuits. Since the past couple of months, I’ve been serving as an Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate biomechanics course here and realized the challenges of teaching. I still refer to some of his notes (yes, i have them till date) to explain some intricate concepts to my students, and just hope that I could acquire a fraction of the pedagogical [and metaphysical?] milestones he has achieved. His philosophy has always been engrossed in my mind, and helps me pursue my dream to study the human mind (I’m a mechanical Engineering major otherwise.) Thanks a lot sir! Regards.”

Sarvnipun, USA

“I did engineering from PEC, but never left my physics books. Thanks to the strong concepts that you somehow put into each one of your students, I could read through the post-grad level books in physics. Today I am working on gamma-ray bursts and trying to use them as standard candles to estimate the age of the universe. Sir, I want to thank you – it was under your guidance that I felt for the first time the joy of understanding. It was, and still is, an amazing feeling to know that those little problems, those pulleys and those lenses hold true in your classroom as they do in the Horsehead nebula!

And congrats for the great results all these years. Regards.”

Gaurav Chachra

“I studied from Chauhan Sir during: 2003-04. Chauhan Sir… my extremely good luck to be his disciple. It’s not just his Physics which is great, its his exceptionally intelligent mind that fits perfectly into the aspiring students’ mind, it’s his exceptional vision and approach towards life. When you study Physics from him, its not only the high standard teaching you get, above that you gain the art of learning which fills your brain with the art of thinking, understanding and knowing not just Physics but life in general. I don’t know why but even his voice strikes me; his handwriting and there’s something uncommon in his face too. I’ve spent an year with him and have had some very major modifications (I should say improvements) in my own character. He is Great!!”

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